Our People

Bruce Nancekivell
- Consultant

BE (Civil) CMEngNZ CPEng IntPE(NZ)
E-mail: bruce@ncl.co.nz

Jade Vaotogo
- Director

BE (Civil) CMEngNZ CPEng IntPE(NZ)
E-mail: jade@ncl.co.nz

Mark Alsop
- Structural Engineer

BE (Civil) MEngNZ
E-mail: mark@ncl.co.nz

Anselmo Bai
- Senior Structural Engineer

BE (Civil) ME (Civil) MEngNZ
E-mail: anselmo@ncl.co.nz

Jason Chung
- Structural Engineer

BE (Civil) MEngNZ
E-mail: jason@ncl.co.nz

Ian Cha
- Graduate Engineer

BE (Civil)

Email: ian@ncl.co.nz

Lily Ovsiiko
- Draftsperson


Email: lily@ncl.co.nz

Jeff Harries
- Civil Technician / Draftsperson

E-mail jeff@ncl.co.nz

Sally Kiryakos
- Civil Engineer

BEng Tech
E-mail: sally@ncl.co.nz

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